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QSP Seed Products

Seed Products in the WBFI Quality Standards Program

​WBFI pays close attention to and follows the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials standards when available. In addition, WBFI is represented as an industry advisor on the Model Bill & Regulatory Committee and on the Feed Definitions Committee.This working relationship with the control officials helps WBFI stay in touch with issues that have the potential to impact the industry and your business.

More definitions are in development now, and these, too, will be submitted to the membership for consideration prior to adoption by the WBFI. Standards for Suet products, Nectars, and Fruits remain in development.

As a Participant (Packager or Processor), these are the definitions of the quality standards your product is expected to meet in order for your company to use the logo on packages. As a Supporter (Distributor, Retailer, or Associate), your company supports the program concept and the standards that the Packagers and Processors have agreed to.

Mixed Products: When all the seeds in the mix meet the WBFI Quality Standard, then the mix meets the industry standard and the Standards logo may be used on the product.

Seed product labeling information and requirements for product packages bearing the WBFI Quality Standards Program logo