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Join the Movement: Project FeederWatch and Inclusive Birding

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At the Wild Bird Feeding Institute, we're passionate about birding and fostering an inclusive environment for all bird enthusiasts. That's why we're thrilled to share information about Project FeederWatch, an initiative by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Birds Canada, sponsored by Wild Birds Unlimited, aimed at making birdwatching more inclusive. 

What is Project FeederWatch? 

Project FeederWatch is a participatory science project that revolves around bird feeding in the United States and Canada. Bird enthusiasts like you record and report the birds they observe at their feeders or in areas they maintain to attract birds. This data helps answer crucial questions about bird populations, habitat change, climate change, bird behavior, and the impact of bird feeding on both birds and humans. 

Why Inclusivity Matters 

While birdwatching brings joy and connection to many, it's essential to recognize that not all communities have had equal access or representation in this hobby. Many marginalized groups, including Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC), and disabled individuals, have been underrepresented or excluded from participatory science projects like Project FeederWatch.  

A Call for Inclusivity 

Project FeederWatch is committed to rectifying this disparity by actively working towards inclusivity. Virginia Tech is conducting a research study with virtual focus groups with BIPOC and disabled individuals who are bird enthusiasts but haven't yet participated in Project FeederWatch (Virginia Tech IRB #23-1346). They want to hear about your experiences and how this project could be made more accessible and valuable! After completing focus groups, they will share all findings with participants through a report and webinar.

Join the Conversation 

Join a 90-minute online discussion led by Virginia Tech to shape the future of birding inclusivity. Online discussions will be audio-recorded, but the recordings will not be shared beyond the research team.

You are eligible to participate if: 

  • You live in the United States 
  • You are over 18 years of age 
  • You are BIPOC, disabled, and/or neurodiverse 
  • You currently feed wild birds 
  • You *do not* currently participate in Project FeederWatch 

Your involvement can play a significant role in reaching individuals who offer unique perspectives, enriching the collective understanding of birding. Participation is voluntary, and all participants will receive a gift card honorarium up to $75 as a token of appreciation! Click here or email Kelley Langhans at for more information. 

Visit our WBFI blog for deeper insights into the many benefits of bird feeding, including its role in fostering community and building connections. Let's come together to nurture our love for birds and strengthen our bonds with one another while doing so!