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WBFI: Growing the wild bird feeding hobby

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Join the Flock! WBFI is the only trade association that represents businesses that are in the wild bird feeding industry. Learn the ways membership can benefit you.


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With our new membership cycle taking flight on July 1st, it's the perfect time to join the flock and enjoy our exciting new benefits! Members enjoy enhanced visibility through WBFI "Find a Retailer" map and PROJECT WILDBIRD® website map, amplifying product discoverability. Access our Photo Perch for seamless storage and sharing of bird media, elevating your marketing strategies. And utilize our newest benefit: our Holiday Gift Guide to optimize seasonal promotions and boost sales.

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Celebrating Pollinator Week 2024 – Birds as Pollinators

By | June 17, 2024

Celebrating Pollinator Week 2024 – Birds as Pollinators Pollinator Week 2024 is upon us! This annual event raises awareness about the critical role pollinators play in our ecosystems, agriculture, and economies. While bees and butterflies often take center stage, we are excited to spotlight bird species that are also vital pollinators and highlight the essential…

All About Wild Bird Food: Milo Seed

By | May 21, 2024

All About Wild Bird Food: Milo Seed Milo seed is a common ingredient in bird seed and mixes, and eaten by a variety of bird species, especially birds that prefer ground feeding.  Here’s everything you need to know about Milo and which birds it will attract to your feeder.  What is Milo? Milo, also known…

2024 Avian Flu Update

By | May 14, 2024

2024 Avian Flu Update In recent headlines, the threat of avian flu casts a shadow over U.S. dairy farms. Naturally, this has raised concerns about the safety of products originating from affected animals. However, health officials emphasize that the risk to public health remains low, assuring the stability and safety of the U.S. food supply. …


Wild Bird Feeding Institute has created resources to promote proper feeding practices for bird-feeding hobbyists and members. Learn about how you can promote smart practices such as properly cleaning your feeders to help prevent the spread of disease:

Members of WBFI have access to an exclusive info hub of resources including the latest research on best feeding practices and additional assets that can be customized for your business.



The Wild Bird Feeding Institute’s (WBFI) marketing campaign, #FeedTheBirds is an ongoing marketing initiative to highlight the benefits of the birds feeding hobby.

This campaign focuses on the mental health benefits of bird feeding. Several studies prove birds help lower stress, anxiety, and depression. With technology becoming more pervasive, and society’s concern with mental wellness, we think interacting with birds is a natural remedy.



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The only central network of organizations supporting the Wild Bird Feeding Industry.

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Mission: Growing the wild bird feeding hobby.

WBFI advances this mission and seeks to connect people with nature by serving members and birders internationally through education, awareness, and conservation partnerships. Our network of committed members, the quality standards we uphold, our expertise, and positive relationships with key organizations drive our success. We are sustainable through membership dues, charitable donations, and programming revenue. 

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