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The Wild Bird Feeding Institute is the only trade association exclusively for businesses supporting the hobby of wild bird feeding! We advance our mission and seek to connect people with nature by serving members and birders internationally through education, awareness, and conservation partnerships. Our network of committed members, the quality standards we uphold, our expertise, and positive relationships with key organizations drive our success. 



WBFI offers a variety of membership categories to companies doing business in the wild bird feeding industry as well as an "Ambassador" membership for those that are not in the business but help promote the hobby. In addition to category, the WBFI considers the geographic reach of your business to determine the appropriate membership level and dues amount.

WBFI Membership Applications will be submitted to the WBFI Membership Committee for initial review and final classification. The WBFI Staff will notify applicants about the status of their applications throughout the process.

If you have questions, please contact:

Consumer Market Research for the ​U.S. and Canada

Multiple studies completed in July of 2021, as well as September 2014, provided research that offers insights on consumer purchasing of wild bird feed and wild bird feeders like demographics of the purchaser along with outlet, products purchased, dollars spent, projected dollars to be spent in the future, etc. The full presentation AND raw data in Excel is available for members.

Scientific Research on Wild Bird Feeding

Other organizations may study wild birds, but we are the premier organization studying the practice of wild bird feeding. Our motto is: We are the experts in the business of wild bird feeding. We take this seriously and we invest annually in scientific studies to build our understanding of the role that wild bird feeding plays in the health and safety of our wild birds.

Educational and Marketing Resources

​From rail issues to consumer market research reports to legislative updates, The Institute keeps you informed on all the issues affecting the wild bird feeding business and hobby. WBFI provides educational and marketing materials that will serve your business and your customers such as infographics, social posts, and campaigns.

Find a Retailer Map

WBFI members and retailers that sell WBFI-member products will be featured on our Find a Retailer widget, making it easier for customers to find and purchase them online and in-store. This is also featured on our NEW consumer website, PROJECT WILDBIRD®, to reach a broader audience of wild bird enthusiasts eager to support your brand.

Networking Opportunities

WBFI is the only organization that serves those that support the wild bird feeding hobby through products and services. Our membership is mostly based in U.S. and Canada with a few members in Europe and Asia as well. Get exclusive access to a network of like-minded companies and individuals that are helping to grow the hobby!

Events & Webinars

WBFI hosts many online events each year that help share information to consumers and member businesses alike, but we also have a face-to-face meeting each year for members to gather and network with leading professionals in the industry while learning from experts on topics to help level up your company. Plus.. they are a ton of fun!

Through the WBFI Quality Standards Program, WBFI Members give you the information you need to purchase quality feed and feeder products that meet industry standards. Members can use these logos to help give consumers peace of mind that their products will keep birds happy, safe, and healthy!

New Benefit: the Photo Perch

One of WBFI's newest benefits: the Photo Perch. This tool allows members to store, organize, and share high-quality photos and videos of North American birds. Enjoy a collection of professional-grade images and videos for your website, promotional materials, and social media. Access to Photo Perch is available for a $250 add-on fee to your membership.

Healthcare Coverage

WBFI has formed a strategic partnership with the Thompson Benefits and Enrollment Group to offer customized health coverage options for your individual needs.  Through this partnership, WBFI is excited to deliver highly requested access to guaranteed-issue health benefits with costs up to 35% lower than standard market prices. 

EXEC Membership

WBFI members have over 350 benefits waiting for you with EXEC! There is no cost to activate your EXEC account and can be set up as soon as 3 business days. All employees of WBFI member companies are eligible to receive EXEC Account complimentary with your WBFI Membership.

​Nyjer® is a registered trademark of the Wild Bird Feeding Institute. As of January 1, 2023, WBFI has modified trademark requirements and extended a 6-month grace period for companies to adjust to the new guidelines.

There is no fee to WBFI members for the use of the trademarked word.