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Our Mission

red breasted nuthatch on suet-large

WBFI Mission Statement:

Growing the wild bird feeding hobby.

Identity Statement: 

We advance our mission and seek to connect people with nature by serving members and birders internationally through education, awareness, and conservation partnerships. Our network of committed members, the quality standards we uphold, our expertise, and positive relationships with key organizations drive our success. We are sustainable through membership dues, charitable donations, and programming revenue. 

Why become a member?


Which age or income group purchases the most feed? Which feed is purchased most frequently? Does this vary by region or season? WBFI members have exclusive access to industry information that answers these questions, and more!


WBFI Standards have been adopted for feed and products. The Quality Standards seal assures consumers the product they purchase meets a standard of quality. National promotion of this program benefits WBFI members and consumers by ensuring a positive feeding experience and return sales.


The Wild Bird Feeding Institute members have access to exclusive online events - and the annual meeting this year is open to non-members to join the only event that serves those that work in the wild bird food industry.