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Nyjer® Seed

What is Nyjer®?

Nyjer® is a small, thin, black or brown seed from the African Daisy - Guizotia abyssinica. Nyjer® seed is high in oil, it is a nutritious source of energy for backyard birds. Foraging birds with smaller, sharply-pointed bills that can cling to feeders are the main consumer of Nyjer® seed. Some of the birds that prefer the seed are American goldfinches, dark-eyed juncos, pine siskins, and mourning doves.

WBFI recommends the use of the term NYJER® to eliminate the offensive mispronunciation of the term "Niger". The term also prevents the common misconception of "thistle seed" being correlated with the noxious weed Canada Thistle or Creeping Thistle.



Closeup view of scattered niger seed with shallow depth of field. Pile and heap of Black Color Uchellu/Gurellu. These seeds are used in masalas by the people of North Karnataka.

​Nyjer® has been a registered trademark of the Wild Bird Feeding Institute since 1999. As of January 1, 2023, WBFI has moved from an open-licensing system to allowing members of WBFI to use the trademark and non-members to apply for an annual fee.

A grace period until July 1, 2023, will provide companies to adjust packaging if membership or licensing of the trademark is not pursued.

Selling mixes or products that include Nyjer®? See below for those licensed to use the trademark and to apply.


Who Can Use the Nyjer® TRADEMARK?

As of January 1, 2023, WBFI has modified trademark requirements and extended a 6-month grace period for companies to adjust to the guidelines outlined below. There is no fee to WBFI members for the use of the trademarked word and can be used by non-members for a yearly fee. Both WBFI members and non-members must complete the Trademark Usage Application to gain access to the trademark.


WBFI Authorized Nyjer® Users

American Distributing & Manufacturing Co.

All Seasons Wild Bird Store Inc

Armstrong Milling

ASA Agrotech Private Limited

Backyard Nature Products, LLC

Brome Bird Care, Inc.

C & S Products

Central Garden and Pet

Chuckanut Products Inc

Commodity Marketing Company

Co-operative Feed Dealers- Aspen Song

Cosmed Group

D & D Commodities

The DeLong Company, Inc.

Duncraft, Inc.

Essex Topcrop Sales Limited

F.M. Brown's Sons, Inc.

Global Harvest Foods, LLC

Gold Crest Distributing

I.S.I. of Baltimore

Jay's Bird Barn

Jbirds Bird Country

John A. Van Den Bosch Company

Kalshea Commodities Inc

Lebanon Seaboard Corporation

Nature's Way Bird Products, LLC

Panacea Products

Pravesh Exports Private Limited

Prince Corporation

Red River Commodities, Inc.

Red River Global Ingredients


Seed Factory Northwest Inc

Ted's Pet & Feed

The Backyard Bird Feeder

The Happy Birdwatcher Company

Turtle Mountain Seed

United Hardware

Volkman Pet Products

Wagner's, LLC

Wild Birds Unlimited and all WBU franchise stores

Last updated: February 15th, 2023