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Join the Flock! WBFI is the only trade association that represents businesses that are in the wild bird feeding industry.


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The Wild Bird Feeding Institute has been diligently monitoring the outbreak of the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza virus [HPAI A(H5N1)] outbreak in the United States and Canada.

Regardless of this outbreak, WBFI would like to remind you that spring migration means a wider variety of birds will be stopping by your feeder, which means it is time to clean your feeders, visit our #FeedSmart page for information and resources!

The only central network of organizations supporting the Wild Bird Feeding Industry.

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Mission: The Wild Bird Feeding Institute is an association dedicated to the progressive expansion of the backyard wild bird and backyard wildlife feeding industry.

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The Wild Bird Feeding Institute’s (WBFI) marketing campaign, “Feed the Birds,” has officially begun. This campaign focuses on the mental health benefits of bird feeding. Several studies prove birds help lower stress, anxiety, and depression. With technology becoming more pervasive, and society’s concern with mental wellness, we think interacting with birds is a natural remedy.

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WBFI Monthly Newsletter: April 2021

By Eric Weber | April 29, 2021

#FEEDSMART WBFI WEBINAR THIS WEDNESDAY! Join us for an upcoming webinar with WBFI researcher, Jenna McCullough, tomorrow at 11:00 AM Central. MEMBER SPREADING THEIR WINGS Congratulations to WBFI’s new start-up retailer member, Wren and Sparrow, on opening their doors in Fredericksburg, VA! WBFI offers membership opportunities for start-up companies at a discounted rate for their…

Preventing Salmonella at Bird Feeders

By Eric Weber | March 12, 2021

By: Jenna McCullough, WBFI Research Consultant California (1), Oregon (2), Washington (3), and British Columbia (4), Canada are reporting cases of a zoonotic disease, salmonellosis, impacting common feeder birds. These cases are mostly concentrated in Pine Siskins (Spinus pinus) and other finches. Salmonellosis is a disease caused by the bacterium Salmonella enterica, which naturally occurs in the digestive…

Turtle Mountain Seed Co. Ltd. announces acquisition of Baden Feed & Supply Ltd.

By Eric Weber | March 10, 2021

As more and more people appreciate and enjoy the beauty of wild birds and realize the therapeutic relaxation birding and bird watching offers, the demand for increased quality wild bird feed grows. To meet the growing demand, Turtle Mountain Seed Co. management has determined it is in the company’s best interest to increase their product offerings…

WBFI Monthly Newsletter: February 2021

By Eric Weber | February 28, 2021

HAS SPRING SPRUNG? A few of our midwestern wild bird feeding members have noticed with warmer weather coming, the birds are too! Spring isn’t quite here yet, but as the weather starts changing the migration will be in full swing. Check out this live migration as the seasons change in your area by BirdCast. Once…


By Eric Weber | January 29, 2021

WEBINAR TOMORROW! PRESENTED BY GRANT SIZEMORE Director of Invasive Species Programs American Bird Conservancy Grant Sizemore earned degrees in Zoology and Environmental Science from Miami University in Ohio and an M.S. in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation from the University of Florida. He has worked professionally in wildlife conservation conducting original research, facilitating sustainable corporate practices, and…