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WBFI: Growing the wild bird feeding hobby

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Join the Flock! WBFI is the only trade association that represents businesses that are in the wild bird feeding industry. Learn the ways membership can benefit you.


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Explore the most current resources from the WBFI on best feeding practices, consumer research, videos, and more! Join as a member to unlock access to all materials.


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Allow us to reintroduce... PROJECT WILDBIRD®!

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We are thrilled to unveil our latest endeavor: PROJECT WILDBIRD®! This new website is a resurgence of WBFI's long-held initiative to educate consumers on the benefits and best practices for bird feeding.

The WBFI is committed to elevating bird feeding journeys to new heights. PROJECT WILDBIRD is the culmination of years of dedicated research by the WBFI Research Foundation, aimed at equipping bird enthusiasts with robust scientific data and insights. By bridging the gap between research findings and consumer needs, we are committed to fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the fascinating world of bird feeding.

2024 Feeder Bird of the Year Competition

By | February 27, 2024

2024 Feeder Bird of the Year Competition Attention bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike! Brace yourselves for the electrifying return of the WBFI Feeder Bird of the Year tournament, where the stakes are high, and the competition is fierce.  Each matchup will feature two incredible feeder bird species vying for the prestigious title of the…

WBFI Member Spotlight – Randall Putz

By | January 17, 2024

WBFI Member Spotlight – Randall Putz WBFI is proud to spotlight Randall Putz, Owner of Chirp Nature Center, a dedicated member of the Wild Bird Feeding Institute, and a member of the WBFI Scientific Industry Response (SIR) committee.  Nature has been an integral part of Randall Putz’s life, stemming from his upbringing in a nature-loving…

NEW WBFI Market Research Report – Key Future Insights Revealed

By | January 10, 2024

NEW WBFI Market Research Report – Key Future Insights Revealed   The Wild Bird Feeding Institute and the charitable WBFI Research Foundation are excited to publish the findings of our new report that shows insights into the growth of the wild bird feeding industry in partnership with Ask Your Target Market (AYTM).   The report shows…


Wild Bird Feeding Institute has created resources to promote proper feeding practices for bird-feeding hobbyists and members. Learn about how you can promote smart practices such as properly cleaning your feeders to help prevent the spread of disease:

Members of WBFI have access to an exclusive info hub of resources including the latest research on best feeding practices and additional assets that can be customized for your business.



The Wild Bird Feeding Institute’s (WBFI) marketing campaign, #FeedTheBirds is an ongoing marketing initiative to highlight the benefits of the birds feeding hobby.

This campaign focuses on the mental health benefits of bird feeding. Several studies prove birds help lower stress, anxiety, and depression. With technology becoming more pervasive, and society’s concern with mental wellness, we think interacting with birds is a natural remedy.



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The only central network of organizations supporting the Wild Bird Feeding Industry.

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Mission: Growing the wild bird feeding hobby.

WBFI advances this mission and seeks to connect people with nature by serving members and birders internationally through education, awareness, and conservation partnerships. Our network of committed members, the quality standards we uphold, our expertise, and positive relationships with key organizations drive our success. We are sustainable through membership dues, charitable donations, and programming revenue. 

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