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Celebrating Pollinator Week 2024 – Birds as Pollinators


Pollinator Week 2024 is upon us! This annual event raises awareness about the critical role pollinators play in our ecosystems, agriculture, and economies. While bees and butterflies often take center stage, we are excited to spotlight bird species that are also vital pollinators and highlight the essential work they do to support biodiversity and plant reproduction. 

Birds contribute to pollination in a process known as "ornithophily." They visit flowers to feed on nectar, and in doing so, they transfer pollen from one flower to another, facilitating plant reproduction. Some birds are generalists, visiting a variety of flowers, while others have evolved alongside specific plant species, developing unique traits to access nectar efficiently.

There are some remarkable bird pollinators that we’d like to spotlight!

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, known for their emerald feathers, are expert pollinators in the Eastern U.S. and Canada, visiting up to 2,000 flowers per day and aiding native wildflower reproduction.

In the southwestern U.S., the White-winged Dove is crucial for pollinating the saguaro cactus, syncing its migration with the cactus's blooming.

Orioles, including Bullock's, orchard, and Baltimore orioles, are also notable pollinators that support numerous plant species. These birds, among others, highlight the diversity and importance of avian pollinators that ensure the health and vitality of many ecosystems.  

As we celebrate Pollinator Week 2024, join us in protecting these essential creatures through sustainable practices and conservation efforts! Visit PROJECT WILDBIRD® for tips on preventing habitat loss and attracting these birds to your yard