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The Wild Bird Feeding Institute’s (WBFI) marketing campaign, #FeedtheBirds, has officially started it's fall campaign. This campaign focuses on the mental health benefits of bird feeding. Several studies prove birds help lower stress, anxiety, and depression. With technology becoming more pervasive, and society’s concern with mental wellness, we think interacting with birds is a natural remedy.

Our industry is very interconnected. So getting people excited about birds is a victory for everyone. Knowing that, the Big Industry Growth (BIG) committee members and advertising agency Joy Riot, chose to advertise in external outlets, and also provide creative assets to all WBFI members. These efforts will drive consumers to the #FeedtheBirds landing page. There, individuals can find where to purchase bird feeding products and educate themselves on the benefits of bird feeding.

The photography featured in the campaign assets were provided by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Overall, the assets include social media ads, digital banners, and videos. Throughout the campaign, the WBFI social platforms will generate a new social post every four days. In addition to the organic posts, the Joy Riot team has purchased digital advertisement space for the WBFI on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Aside from social media exposure, Joy Riot staff have configured #FeedtheBirds banner advertisements and videos to be displayed across the internet. These digitally retargeted advertisements will populate according to our set demographics and behavior.

The WBFI Membership is encouraged to promote this initiative with enthusiasm to help stimulate consumer interest and build industry-wide excitement. Click below to view the guidelines and instructions to download the assets.

The original timeline for the “Feed the Birds” campaign was set from 02/14/20 to 05/13/20. However, the WBFI leadership and Research Foundation Trustees approved an extension until the end of June. During this time Joy Riot will extend the campaign reach into Canada and continue to track the performance.


The Bird Industry Growth (BIG) fall campaign is here! This will run until December 15th. See the updated Fall Campaign downloadable assets.


Members of the WBFI have the option to voluntarily contribute to the WBFI Research Foundation (RF). When it's time to renew membership with the WBFI, you will see a voluntary line item, which is 25% of your dues amount.

We appreciate those who were able to contribute to the initiative in 2019-2020.