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WBFI Research Foundation: Contributors



We greatly appreciate the support of those who contributed to the WBFI Research Foundation.

Agritel Grain

All Seasons Wild Bird Store, Inc.

All Star Trading

Armstrong Milling Co.

Atlantic Grain and Trade

Brome Bird Care, Inc.

Chirp Nature Centers

Co-operative Feed Dealers, Inc.

Cosmed Group

Essex Hybrid Seed Co. Ltd.

Essex Topcrop Sales Limited

Flocking Around

JBird's Nutritious Bird Breads, LLC

Jinhua Hongwei Industry and Trade Co, Ltd.

John A. Van Den Bosch Co.

Mountain State Oilseeds

Northern Bag and Box

Nuts For Wildlife

Orenda Commodity Services Ltd.

P.F. Harris Manufacturing Company, LLC

Pacific Bird & Supply Co.

Panacea Products Corporation

Pet Food Experts

Pine Tree Farms Inc

PRADCO Outdoor Brands

Pro Roasting Solutions

Red River Commodities

R-WayAg Ltd.

Scott Pet Products

Seed Factory Northwest

The Backyard Wildbird and Nature Store

Unipet, LLC

Volkman Pet Products

Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc.

Woodstream (Perky Pet/Classic Brands)

Updated 01/24/2023
Please contact us if your company contributed to the WBFI Research Foundation and has not been listed above.

Please consider the collective impact we can have if every member contributes to this BIG project. Together we can achieve market goals that can't be accomplished by any one company! ​