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WBFI Research Foundation: Contributors



We greatly appreciate the support of those who contributed to the WBFI Research Foundation.

ADM Benson Quinn

Advanced Sunflower

Agritel Grain

All Seasons Wild Bird Store, Inc.

Anchor Marketing

Armstrong Milling Co., Ltd.

ASA Agrotech Private Ltd.

The Bird Mom

Bradley Caldwell, Inc.

Cereal ByProducts Company

Chirp Nature Centers

Classic Brands

Cosmed Group

Crossroads Cooperative Assn.

Cyber Graphics

D&D Commodities Ltd

Dakota AgSynergy

Delmar Special Crops

​Duncraft Inc.

Eldorado Country Pet & Wild Bird

Enterra Feed Corporation

Essex Hybrid Seed Co. Ltd.

Essex Topcrop Sales Ltd.

​Global Harvest Foods Ltd.

Hawkeye Commodities

Heath Outdoor Products

Inspirco Packaging

JBird's Nutritious Bird Breads, LLC

John A. Van Den Bosch

Kalshea Commodities Inc.

Kaylor of CO

Lebanon Seaboard Corporation

Llewellyn Enterprises

Mountain States Oilseeds

Northern Bag and Box

Nuts For Wildlife

P.F. Harris Manufacturing Company, LLC

Pacific Bird and Supply Co., Inc.

Pacific West Mills

Panacea Products Corporation

Pravesh Exports Private Limited

​Prince Corporation



Red River Commodities

The Redwood Group

Scoular Canada Ltd.

Seed Factory Northwest

Sun Coast Packaging

Turtle Mountain Seed Company Ltd.

Valley Express, Inc.

Volkman Seed Factory

Watkins Grain/Roggens Farmers'

Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc.

​Wren and Sparrow, LLC

Updated 3/25/21
Please contact us if your company contributed to the WBFI Research Foundation and has not been listed above.

Please consider the collective impact we can have if every member contributes to this BIG project. Together we can achieve market goals that can't be accomplished by any one company! ​