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5 Ways to Celebrate National Bird Day

National Bird Day, celebrated each year on January 5th, is the opportune moment to reflect on the wonders of our feathered friends and acknowledge the challenges they face in our rapidly changing world.  

From the vibrant cardinals in your backyard to the pigeons gracefully navigating city parks, birds captivate us with their presence. Unfortunately, many birds are endangered or protected primarily due to habitat loss. Recognizing this, the Avian Welfare Coalition established National Bird Day in 2002 to shed light on the challenges birds face and inspire positive change in our relationship with them.  

Birds serve as more than just avian companions; they are the barometers of our planet's environmental health. The threats they encounter, such as window collisions and habitat loss, emphasize the urgency of raising public awareness on how to conserve bird species. The survival of numerous species hinges on our collective efforts to protect and preserve their habitats. 


This National Bird Day, let's explore 5 meaningful ways to celebrate:

  1. Create a Backyard Sanctuary: Add birdhouses and birdbaths to attract a diverse range of birds. Follow the WBFI guidelines to create a backyard sanctuary that welcomes our feathered friends!
  2. Read a Bird Book: Explore birding books, birder memoirs, or a field guide can enhance your understanding of birds and their roles in our lives.
  3. Feed the Birds: Share the bounty with our feathered friends. Seed cakes, Nyjer®, suet, Black Oil Sunflower, safflower seeds, and peanuts are small examples of food that you can put out. These resources are especially crucial in colder climates where supplemental food can contribute to birds’ survival. Find a retailer near you!
  4. Keep Cats Indoors: Owned and unowned cats that roam outdoors kill 2.4 billion birds a year in North America. This is a huge problem, but you can make an impact by keeping your cats indoors and working with shelters to control stray cat populations.
  5. Admire the Birds: Join the ranks of birdwatchers and discover a fulfilling hobby that connects you to the delicate balance of our world. Participate in citizen science efforts such as eBird or connect with your local Audubon society for other birder events.

Every bit counts! National Bird Day is our opportunity to join hands in creating a world where birds and humans thrive.