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NEW WBFI Market Research Report – Key Future Insights Revealed


The Wild Bird Feeding Institute and the charitable WBFI Research Foundation are excited to publish the findings of our new report that shows insights into the growth of the wild bird feeding industry in partnership with Ask Your Target Market (AYTM).  

The report shows key insights so birding businesses, researchers, ornithologists, investors, and consumers can understand our hobby and how we can continue to diversify to bring the joy of bird feeding into more homes. Data points that matched with the questionnaire of the study in 2016 also show changes in consumer behavior and purchasing in the last 7 years. 

Findings from the new report presented at the 2023 Annual Meeting include:

  • Half of consumers seek harmony, beauty, uniqueness, and an opportunity to learn in engaging and enjoyable hobbies.
  • Roughly one-fourth of consumers in Canada and one-third in the US attract and feed backyard birds.
  • The connection to nature, relaxation, entertainment and do-good feeling are all enjoyed when consumers bird watch.
  • Like wild bird food, wild bird feeders are commonly purchased at mass retailer stores. As with bird feed, a decrease in shopping for feeders at brick-and-mortar stores, and a shift to online is observed.
  • The price and the ability of bird food to attract a wide variety of birds are of high importance. The importance placed on these factors, and others, has increased since 2016.
  • Wild bird feeders are purchased much less frequently, two-thirds purchase a bird feeder yearly or less often. The majority spend under $50 on a new feeder. Consumers under the age of 35 and avid bird watchers, however, are likely to spend more.
  • Avid bird watching Individuals said that they plan to increase on average 54% more in spending on bird food this year. 
  • Consumers are loyal to the bird food brands they purchase. Two-thirds switch between a couple of brands or always buy the same one. That said, convenience and availability are crucial – nearly eight in ten consumers would switch brands if the store they shop in stops carrying their favored brands.
  • 34% of non-bird feeding consumers in Canada, and 27% in the U.S. stated that a motivator of interest in wild bird feeding would be that “Feeding and watching wild birds will help us connect with nature… this often leads to great concern and care for the environment. 

The full report and past reports are only accessible with WBFI membership. Access the resources below by logging into your membership profile or become a member today if you are not already part of the only association that represents the wild bird feeding industry and its hobbyists.

If you are interested in purchasing the raw data for U.S., Canada, or both fill out our invoice request form HERE.

THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT OF THE COMPANIES THAT CONTRIBUTED TO THE RESEARCH FOUNDATION IN 2023! If you are interested in supporting future studies, please reach out to