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2024 Feeder Bird of the Year – Northern Cardinal


After an exhilarating season of fierce competition, the Northern Cardinal has emerged as our 2024 WBFI Feeder Bird of the Year! 

Known for its brilliant red plumage and captivating melodies, the Northern Cardinal holds a special place in the hearts of bird enthusiasts across the eastern United States. Its striking appearance and cheerful demeanor make it a cherished MVP to backyard feeders and woodland habitats alike. 

With a diverse diet including seeds, insects, berries, and fruits, the Northern Cardinal plays offense and defense as a frequent visitor to backyard feeders, showcasing its adaptability and resilience in various habitats, from suburban gardens to forest clearings. 

Throughout the year, Northern Cardinals bring vibrancy to snowy winter landscapes and serenade summer mornings with their sweet whistles. Identifying these birds is relatively straightforward, with the males' striking red plumage drawing attention and the females dressed in a warm, red-tinged brown. 

Often found in dense vegetation, their piercing notes give away their hidden locations. Backyard bird feeders, particularly those stocked with sunflower seeds, act as a home court advantage for these birds. The male cardinal's unwavering defense of its breeding territory demonstrates its dedication to its mate and nest, like a captain leading the team to victory. 

Thank you to everyone who rallied their flock and voted! Join us in congratulating the Northern Cardinal on its well-deserved win and stay tuned next year to crown the 2025 Feeder Bird of the Year.