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Why Retailers Should Flock to Bird Feeding - Insights from NHS 2024

The WBFI journeyed to Las Vegas for the National Hardware Show 2024, eager to connect with professionals in the outdoor hobby industry and unveil the latest innovations in bird feeding. Teaming up with Cascade Wild Bird Feeders, we collaborated to raise awareness of the impact of bird feeding, transcending its status as a mere hobby. 

Amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Las Vegas, WBFI and Cascade had the chance to catch up, share insights, and bask in the beauty of birds through a live hawk demonstration with our new friend, Nyx. (Bird food shown generously donated by Lyric Wild Bird Food). Additionally, visitors at our outdoor booth had the chance to participate in an exciting giveaway to win $100 to Sweet Seed’s online store for nectar products! The pinnacle of our success came with the recognition of Cascade, who clinched the prestigious 2024 NHS Best Marketing Award, reaffirming the importance and appeal of wild bird feeding. 

Beyond the excitement of the convention and the accolades, there are many compelling reasons why retailers should contemplate expanding their product offerings to include wild bird feeding supplies:

  • Play a Vital Role in Wildlife Conservation: With alarming declines in bird populations, bird feeding emerges as a critical tool in wildlife conservation efforts. By providing essential sustenance, retailers can contribute to the well-being and survival of bird species. 
  • Enhanced Mental Health: Bird feeding isn't just about nature; it's good for your mental health too. Research by the American Psychiatric Institute indicates that bird watching or feeding can lead to positive mental health changes in about 70% of individuals. By offering bird feeding supplies, you not only provide therapeutic value to your customers but also the chance for you to experience these benefits firsthand. 
  • Community and Connection: Backyard bird feeding, the second-largest outdoor hobby in the United States, fosters a sense of community and connection among enthusiasts of all ages. By offering bird supplies at your store, you can attract families and children, expanding your customer base while strengthening ties within your community. 

Investing in the bird feeding hobby is a gateway for retailers to access a blooming market with diverse consumer demographics. By stocking bird feeding supplies and accessories, retailers not only serve this thriving market but also champion sustainability, conservation, and community engagement.

As we look back on our experience at NHS 2024, we invite retailers to join the flock in embracing the transformative potential of bird feeding! Click here to seize the opportunities for business growth and societal impact.  

If you’re ready to embark on your bird feeding journey, be sure to visit our Find-a-Retailer widget to discover stores near you stocking WBFI products!