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QSP Feeder Products

Feeder Products in the WBFI Quality Standards Program

As a Participant (Feeder Manufacturer), these are the quality standards your product is expected to meet in order for your company to use the logo on packages. We understand you may have products that do not meet these standards. Simply do not use the logo on those packages. It is not necessary for every bird feeder you manufacture to meet these standards in order for you to participate in the WBFI Quality Standards Program.

As a Supporter (Distributor, Retailer, or Associate), your company supports the program concept and the standards that the Feeder Manufacturers have:

  1. Feeder or Package must include labeling appropriate for the birds that will use the feeder and the recommended ingredients.
  2. Seed feeders must have a minimum 1-1/2” diameter refilling port.
  3. Hanging devices must be made from metal such as wire, chain, or cable and must be securely attached.
  4. Seed flows appropriately for recommended ingredients.
  5. Cleanable; instructions for care and use must be included.
  6. Drainage system suitable to the feeder type. 

Standards for bird houses, bird baths and accessories remain to be developed.